Poppy with Pod

Poppy with Pod

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Making " Tower of London Style" Poppies

Start with cut offs from yesterday's poppies.
Kneed cut-offs into new clay.
Recycled clay, ready to use.
Roll the clay into a slab on the canvas work table.
Smooth and compress the clay with a metal rib.
Cut out two poppy halves from the slab.
Remove the extra clay and save for more poppies.
Score and slip.
Join the tops and bottoms.
Shape the flat clay into poppies.
Dry the poppies slowly for a few days.
Poppies after a 10 hour bisque firing, waiting to be glazed.
Glazed poppies waiting at the kiln for firing.

Our cats sitting around the hot kiln during the 12 hour glaze firing.
Open the kiln after a 24 hour cool down.

Finished poppies on their metal stems

Poppies around Walter Allward 's plaster models from the Vimy Ridge Memorial.
They are at the Military Communications and Electronics Museum in Kingston, Ontario.

Poppies in the garden at Eastminster United Church in Belleville, Ontario.
They are part of a Remembrance Day ceremony sanctioned by the Royal Canadian Legion.
10% of each poppy sold goes to the Belleville Poppy Fund.

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